Your beauty is my passion.

VBeauty Spa offers highly personalized aesthetic medicine with beautiful, natural results. Whatever your beauty goals may be, I want you to feel radiant and ready to take on the world.

Your beauty is my passion

VBeauty Spa offers highly personalized aesthetic medicine with beautiful, natural results. Whatever your beauty goals may be, I want you to feel radiant and ready to take on the world.

Phenomenal Skin By Design

You might be under the impression that glowing and youthful skin is something that people are either graced with naturally or not, but a comprehensive skincare treatment plan can make all of the difference. Although it’s always beneficial to pop into the salon for a luxurious hour of self-care, the best results come from a long term dedication to your skin’s health and well-being, as well as a multi-modal approach that allows your therapist to target your specific concerns in a variety of different ways.

During your initial consultation, Viktoriya will make a note of all of your specific areas and issues that you would like to address. We will then come up with a comprehensive approach that uses all of our available treatments to provide you with bright, refreshed skin. You might wish to target other areas of the body in addition to your face. At VBeauty Spa, we are experienced in treating a variety of concerns in order to leave you with healthy, glowing skin. For instance, if you’re interested in hand rejuvenation, Toronto specialist Viktorya RN is the ideal practitioner to assist you in restoring this delicate area of skin.


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Your Beauty Is My Passion

“Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”

VBeauty Spa was founded by Viktorya RN in order to offer a transformative and restorative skincare service to residents of the GTA and nearby cities. Viktorya uses her extensive medical background, which includes years of experience in acute care, to complement her expertise and love of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Her approach focuses on looking at the bodily holistically, rather than just concentrating entirely on the face. With care and attention given to areas such as the hands and neck, amongst others, Viktorya offers a truly comprehensive approach to skincare that is completely tailored for each individual client that she treats.

Viktorya knows that it’s essential that visitors to VBeauty Spa feel supported and listened to throughout the consultation process and beyond. That’s why she prides herself on providing the most thorough and relaxing services in not just the GTA, but nearby cities as well. She uses only the highest quality cosmetics and appliances in her practice, ensuring that every individual leaves feeling refreshed and completely reinvigorated.

Ensure Confidence At Every Age

Skincare is a topic that is relevant to all audiences and ages, regardless of what knowledge or background you’ve had in the area previously. You might be a beauty aficionado looking for a skilled new aesthetic medical practitioner in Toronto or an individual who has a specific skincare concern that they’d like to address for the first time. At VBeauty Spa, we aim to guide our clients through the process of looking after their skin during all stages of life and provide informative care with an effective treatment plan.

We have a range of services that target common issues that crop up at certain times. We can also tailor our therapies to suit your own individual concerns. You can browse through our offerings that are categorized by age and gain an idea of what treatments might be appropriate for you. For further details or to discuss a specific treatment plan in more depth, opt for one of our popular free consultations today.



Modern Aesthetics for Men

The benefits of aesthetic medicine — firm, even skin, a sculpted jawline and increased confidence — are no longer reserved for women. More and more men are choosing to enhance their appearance and put their best face forward.

At VBeauty Spa, we understand that men’s needs and expectations are unique. Men’s skin doesn’t age like women’s skin. It’s thicker with larger pores and tends to be oilier. As a result, wrinkles typically appear later in life — but they’re much more deeply set when they finally show up.

With the right products and techniques designed for masculine features, we deliver the results you want: subtle enhancements with minimal pain and downtime.

At your free consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and create a personalized treatment plan. That way, you can start looking and feeling your best.

What treatments do men typically get?

Men tend to avoid aggressive treatments with a long recovery time, opting instead for lighter treatments that subtly address the signs of aging.

Men typically come in for Biorevitalization and Mesotherapy to boost radiance, Hyaluronic acid injections to combat dark circles, dermal fillers and Botox in our Yorkville clinic to combat wrinkles that cause an “anxious” or “angry” look and PRP Hair Restoration for hair loss.


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