At VBeauty Spa, we know that clients are often interested in aesthetic medical treatments that can help them roll back the years and appear as fresh-faced as possible. If this is an area that you would like to improve then BOTOX® is the perfect option to help you achieve that goal and become your best self.

There are numerous benefits in choosing BOTOX® as part of your self-care routine. BOTOX® is a safe and minimally invasive treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. It has few side effects, little downtime and visible, lasting results. BOTOX® smooths, softens and reduces dynamic wrinkles which are caused by smiling, frowning, furrowing your brow and other movements of your facial muscles. These are all everyday activities that everybody engages in throughout their life, but the effects no longer need to be visible as time passes. Instead, you can ensure that your skin appears smooth and radiant.

BOTOX® is effective at any age, but it is best used as a preventative treatment. When you relax, your facial muscles and the overlying skin before wrinkles appear. However, you can stop them from developing in the first place. This makes BOTOX® the ideal option to add to your skincare routine at an early age so that you can reap the best benefits from this flexible and transformative technology.

If you’re considering BOTOX®, clients can find a dedicated and experienced practitioner at VBeauty Spa. With a free consultation, we can discuss all of your skincare goals in detail and explore the benefits and transformative results that are afforded by BOTOX® treatment. This treatment works effectively alone or as part of a series of procedures that are available at the spa. I can help you determine what would be most appropriate for you depending on your individual skincare concerns.

BOTOX® is now a common term that most people have heard of whether they’ve had the treatment or not, though not everyone knows how the process works. Quite simply, BOTOX® injections block the nerve signals that can cause muscles to contract. When muscles can no longer contract, wrinkles will relax and soften. BOTOX® can also prevent new wrinkles from forming. It is this mechanism that makes BOTOX® the effective and popular treatment that it has become over the past few decades.

If you are concerned about what other effects BOTOX® might have due to its active nature, there’s no need to worry. BOTOX® only blocks the nerve signals responsible for movement, meaning you won’t experience any numbness or a loss of sensation. As an experienced practitioner, I can determine the right amount of BOTOX® for you, giving you fresh, natural results. No frozen faces here.

One of the main benefits of BOTOX® is that it provides rapid and effective results for patients. Just 3-5 days after your treatment you’ll start to notice smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and a more relaxed look. You can expect full results after two weeks as the treatment settles and your skin adapts.

It’s important that you keep in mind that BOTOX® requires a few repeat appointments throughout the year to maintain your new look. The effects of BOTOX® last about 4 months, after which you’ll need more treatments. BOTOX® also provides a range of other benefits to your skin after you’ve had multiple sessions. Over time, your skin will develop new collagen and fill in depressions caused by muscle contractions. Wrinkles will also soften more easily with each treatment.

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with me for a free consultation. I’ll get to know you and your medical history to determine if BOTOX® is the right option for you. It’s important that all of your skincare treatments are appropriate and safe for you as an individual, helping you to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

We’ll discuss the area(s) you wish to have treated and answer any questions you may have. The consultation is the perfect time to have all of your queries addressed, so feel free to come prepared with a list of questions about the treatment. We’ll also determine exactly how much BOTOX® you need (it’s priced by the unit) so that you can gain an accurate idea of the cost of your procedure.

The process of getting BOTOX® is incredibly easy and very quick, typically taking about 20 minutes. As a result, there’s no need to set aside a large amount of time out of your day for the actual procedure. It’s this easy nature of the treatment that is one of the main reasons why it’s so popular with patients.

During your appointment, we’ll review the treatment areas and the amount of BOTOX® we discussed in our consultation. I will then clean and mark the treatment areas and offer ice or numbing cream if there are any concerns about pain at the injection site. Every individual has a different sensitivity level and it’s completely up to each patient if they would like to use a numbing tool beforehand or not.

Using a micro-needle, I will inject BOTOX® directly into the appropriate facial muscles. When the injections are complete, I’ll apply ice and pressure to discourage swelling or bruising. At this point, the process will be complete — illustrating how simple and quick the procedure is designed to be for clients.

Aside from the quick procedure time and effective results, one of the other benefits of BOTOX® is the relatively easy recovery period afterward. There’s very little downtime after getting BOTOX®. Small amounts of redness or bruising may occur, especially if you have sensitive skin. These post-treatment symptoms should subside easily as your skin adjusts and settles over time.

Here are a few post-treatment precautions:

• Be careful not to rub or massage the injected area for 4 hours after treatment. If you’re having discomfort, treat it with ice and Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen
• Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment
• Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours

If you have any questions about your treatment after it is completed, you can contact me at VBeauty Spa for any post-procedural skincare advice.

Brands of Botulinum Toxin (A) I typically use:

BOTOX®, Dysport, Xeomin, Nuceiva

More questions? I’d love to chat. Schedule a free consultation at any time.