Mesotherapy & Biorevitalization

Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization, also known as skin boosters, are injectable treatments that boost your skin’s moisture and stimulate collagen production. Because these treatments bypass your skin’s outer barrier, they hydrate from within while plumping, smoothing, brightening, and softening fine lines. Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization are a highly-effective way to slow the aging process before it starts, or to repair skin that’s already begun to age.

Glowing skin after a mesotherapy treatment

What’s the difference between the two?

Mesotherapy treatments contain hyaluronic acid along with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids.

Biorevitalization treatments contain pure hyaluronic acid mixed with vitamins and enzymes without any additives. Biorevitalization products tend to be more viscous than mesotherapy products, so they do a little bit of filling, in addition to renewing the skin.
Neither product contains anything that will change the structure of your face or affect muscle control.

Mesotherapy is better suited to younger skin. If you start early enough, Mesotherapy is highly effective at preventing aging. Biorevitalization is most effective on patients who are 30+ or who have more advanced signs of aging. We recommend having the face, neck, and hands treated at the same time.

Mesotherapy & Biorevitalization are wonderfully simple treatments. Using a micro needle, injection gun, or cannula, hyaluronic acid and vital nutrients are delivered directly to the dermis, our skin’s middle layer. The deposits act like reservoirs, deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin. The results? Plump, dewy skin, softer lines and wrinkles, decreased scarring, and more.

Skin boosters also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are critical for youthful skin. Cells, called fibroblasts, live in our dermis and are responsible for collagen production. As we age, our fibroblasts become inactive and produce less collagen. Hyaluronic acid gives our fibroblasts a wake up call, signalling them to start producing collagen again. With regular Mesotherapy or Biorevitalization treatments, you can actually turn back the clock —or stop it from starting in the first place. This treatment should be done for face, neck and hands rejuvenation.

You will see some results immediately after treatment—more immediately with Biorevitalization than Mesotherapy. Most patients say their skin feels smoother and looks plumper. It can take up to 3 months to see the full effect of skin boosters, but you will gradually notice your moisturizer lasting longer throughout the day, an increased glow, and diminished pores and fine lines.
To maintain the results, you’ll need 3 to 6 treatments a year, about 3 months apart. The hyaluronic acid in the boosters breaks down completely over a period of months, so continuous treatments are required. Because these treatments stimulate collagen production, you may need less-frequent treatments over time. Younger patients will need fewer treatments in a year.

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with me for a free consultation. I’ll get to know you and your medical history to determine which treatment is the right option for you. We’ll discuss the area(s) you wish to have treated and answer any questions you may have.

Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization may react with some medications, supplements, and skincare products. Don’t use the following for at least a week before your appointment:
Aspirin, blood thinners, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Ibuprofen, Omega-3 fatty acids, St John’s Wort, and Vitamin E, “anti-aging” products such as Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinols, Retinoids, and Glycolic Acid.

You should also avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or hair removal cream on the treatment area for 3 days before your appointment.
You should not receive this treatment if you already have dermal fillers or implants, or if you are sensitive to hyaluronic acid or the Mesotherapy additives. I am happy to discuss the ingredients in all of our products.

Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization treatments are quick and easy. The average treatment takes about 15 minutes. I will offer ice or numbing cream if you’re concerned about pain at the injection site. After cleaning and marking the treatment area, I’ll use a micro needle, injection gun, or cannula, to inject the treatment into the desired areas.

There’s a little bit of downtime after getting Mesotherapy or Biorevitalization. You will likely experience some redness and minor swelling immediately after your treatment, and you should not use makeup on the treatment areas for at least 12 hours.

Side effects should go away within one to two days. We recommend allowing at least a week to fully recover, so if you have a big event, keep this in mind.

After your skin booster injections, you should:

• Avoid alcohol, Aspirin, and Vitamin E for at least 24 hours
• Avoid other cosmetic treatments like peels, lasers, or waxing for at least 24 hours
• Avoid vigorous exercise, saunas, or steam rooms for 24 hours
• Stay out of the sun until any redness and swelling subside
• Avoid makeup for the first day after treatment. If you absolutely must wear makeup, apply mineral makeup with a clean brush.

Your skin’s natural defenses against the sun are not as strong for a few weeks after treatment. We urge the the daily use of SPF 50 after treatment. If you’re uncomfortable after your treatment, you can Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen, and apply a cold compress — but don’t apply too much pressure! Arnica supplements may help reduce swelling.

More questions? I’d love to chat. Schedule a free consultation at any time.